Kedikian & Kedikian, Bankruptcy Attorneys

Kedikian & Kedikian, Bankruptcy Attorneys

Bankruptcy Attorneys at Kedikian & Kedikian are dedicated to providing quality and affordable bankruptcy services to clients in Los Angeles and surrounding cities of Glendale, Burbank, Pasadena and Arcadia California. We help our clients navigate the bankruptcy process and deliver solutions that eliminate debt and protect assets. We would be proud to help you. We only handle bankruptcy cases in Los Angeles county and surrounding cities.

We Make Bankruptcy Hassle free

We have been practicing in chapter 7 and chapter 13 bankruptcy  since 1997.  My goal is to help debtors get the bankruptcy discharge they are entitled to and all the protection they deserve under the bankruptcy code.

I understand the hardship debtors experience. It would be my privilege to represent you. We work with individuals and businesses just like you.  We offer free consultations that can help you understand your bankruptcy options. Call for a  free appointment today. It costs you nothing to get advice from an experienced bankruptcy attorney.

Free No Obligation Consultation With The Attorney Himself

At Kedikian & Kedikian, you will never be pressured to retain us. In fact, after your initial consultation, we will recommend you go home and consider all your options. We pride ourselves on providing prompt and cost effective bankruptcy services to our clients. The facts of each case are different. We do not want to charge just to give you information about your options. We only want to charge you if we can help. We will provide a detailed, free consultation to analyze all your options.

Local Offices serving all of Los Angeles county

From our office in Glendale and Arcadia we provide bankruptcy help to all of Los Angeles county including cities of Glendale, Burbank, Pasadena and Los Angeles. Our knowledge of local bankruptcy issues and cost of living provides us with the information to qualify debtors who otherwise would not be able to file chapter 7 bankruptcy. With a free consultation we can help you explore your options and determine if bankruptcy is the right choice for you.

Chapter 7

The basic idea is to wipe out  your debts. You are allowed to keep property that is exempt.  In most cases all of your property will be protected. You will get to keep your car and your house. You will discharge all your unsecured debt. Your case is completed within 4 months. If you have been told by another attorney that you do not qualify, make sure you talk to us.  We have obtained bankruptcy discharges for clients who were advised by other attorneys that they were ineligible. We only practice in bankruptcy law,  so we know how to use every deduction and expense to qualify you for chapter 7.

Filing bankruptcy does not mean you are not allowed to keep any assets. Bankruptcy law allows for exemptions on properties, such as home, car, household goods and furnishing, retirement funds, tools of trade, bank accounts, according to limits prescribed by the bankruptcy code. For example, Homestead exemption for a single is $75,000 and $100,000 for a married couple or unmarried individual with dependents. It increases to $175,000 for persons over 65, or disabled, or persons over 55 with low income. If you do not own a home, provisions of the California code allow you to keep assets of approximately $30,000.00 in different forms including cash or bank accounts.

Chapter 13

Chapter 13 provides you the option to catch up and get current. It is designed to stop a home foreclosure.  Chapter 13 does have limits on the amount of secured debt and unsecured debt you can have. Usually under a chapter 13 plan you will have to pay back your creditors all or a certain percentage of your debt over a period or 3 to a maximum of 5 years.You can also wipe out a second mortgage on the house in certain circumstances. If one of the bankruptcy options is not possible, debt settlement may provide the relief you need. We will provide you with all your options to make an informed decision. We have built our practice on providing the best legal service possible at an affordable price.

Client Reviews

The best testimonial about the quality and personalized service we provide can be read on GoogleYahooYellow PagesTrust Link, or on this website under “Reviews”. Below are some reviews posted by our clients. I hope they will help you decide to call us.

Our experience with Mr. and Mrs. Kedikian was the best. They were always professional, compassionate and knowledgeable in all aspects of bankruptcy. We were always dealt with personally and this made a difficult situation much easier. I highly recommend Mr. Kedikian.
Yahoo User
In my search for a qualified bankruptcy attorney, I was looking for someone who I could feel comfortable hiring. In the spirit of thoroughness, I met with 5 attorneys. I observed a range of personalities- pushy, disinterested, vague, etc. Mr. Kedikian was the only attorney who, in addition to being credentialed, was very kind, thorough, accurate, informative, and clear. Mr. Kedikian demonstrated a gentle and understanding professionalism that allowed me to relax. The entire bankruptcy process provided me with enough interaction to not only observe him, but his team, as well. They are of the same ilk- professional, kind, accessible, etc. The communication was consistent and impressive- I was given updates along the way, Mr. Kedikian was accessible, and all of my emails and messages were returned immediately. I HIGHLY recommend that, at a minimum, you meet with Mr. Kedikian. He made a difficult part of my life a great deal easier, simply by demonstrating the kindness and care that we all need when the going gets rough. The cost was less than what the others quoted me, and my debt has successfully been discharged.


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